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Cosmetic Procedures That Enhance Your Appearance

Do you feel self conscious about specific features of your body? Are you uncomfortable about your appearance in public areas? Does the thought of doing certain activities make you feel anxious?

Cosmetic surgery can have a dramatic impact on how you feel about yourself.

If you are worried about any aspects of your appearance, undergoing surgical procedures can help you experience a new level of self-confidence. Choosing to undergo surgery of any kind is a major decision. The first step is to schedule a consultation.

Rodin Clinic is a leading cosmetic surgery practice in Perth for surgical and non-surgical procedures. Our clinic is committed to providing the highest standards of care for all our patients. Procedures are performed in our state of the art facilities by our highly experienced surgeon, Dr Cooper.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation for plastic surgery in Perth.

Personalised Care

Whether you are considering surgery for your body or face, you want the best possible treatment. Every patient has different requirements which is why operations must be individualised. Dr Cooper and the qualified team at Rodin Clinic work closely with you to provide a personalised treatment program.

Rodin Clinic specialises in face, breast, and body procedures with treatments that are individualised for each patient. We recognise the concerns that come with cosmetic procedures. During the initial consultation, Dr Cooper will discuss your specific goals and advise on the best way to move forward.

You will feel completely at ease and be well-informed at every step of your treatment. The following surgical and non-surgical procedures are available at our centre.

Facial Surgery

Wrinkles and loose skin can cause the face to lose its youthful appearance. Facial surgery can help to reverse some of these effects and even address any visible defects.

Procedures available at our clinic include:

  • Blepharoplasty: This procedure involves removing excess skin in the upper lids or pouches under the eyes. It can also be done for reconstruction or surgical repair of an eyelid.
  • Brow lift: Brow lifts help to reduce wrinkle lines that develop across the forehead by correcting sagging skin and tightening the soft tissues in the area.
  • Face lift: Wrinkles and excess skin can be dramatically reduced with a face lift procedure. The result is a much more youthful appearance.
  • Facial implants: Chin and cheek augmentation can be used to enhance certain features. Using imaging software helps to visualise the new changes with these implants.
  • Laser resurfacing: This procedure helps to reduce wrinkles and skin irregularities on the face by using concentrated pulsating beams of light.
  • Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is a procedure that reshapes the nose by enhancing or reduce its size. It can also correct any deformities.
  • Fat augmentation: Fat from other parts of the body can be used to augment soft tissues in the face such as the upper and lower lips, and cheeks.
  • Otoplasty: Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the outer ear or correct any deformities. This procedure is common for children and young adults.

Results from facial surgery can potentially be life changing but it is important to set realistic expectations. During the initial consultation, we help answer your questions and provide more details about the procedure.

Breast Surgery

A number of factors can contribute to sagging breasts from childbirth to significant weight loss. Surgery can help to restore the shape or even increase the size of your breasts.

We offer the following breast surgical procedures:

  • Augmentation: Breast augmentation involves inserting implants to increase breast size. The procedure can also be performed to restore volume.
  • Lifts: Breast lifts involve removing excess skin and tightening the tissue to address sagging or uneven breasts for an enhanced appearance.
  • Reconstruction: This procedure involves the rebuilding of a breast lost to cancer or other condition. It can help to restore the look and feel following mastectomy.
  • Reduction: Reduction mammoplasty is the surgical procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin to reduce the size of large breasts.

If you are unhappy with how your breasts look, getting surgery done is certainly an option. However, there are a number of considerations before proceeding with the operation. Our team can provide additional details and what to expect.

Body Surgery

Bodily issues from excess weight to sagging skin can cause problems with self-confidence. A number of procedures are available that serve to enhance your appearance

  • Tummy tuck: Known as abdominoplasty, this surgical procedure removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen area. This is generally recommended for those who are already in good shape.
  • Arm reduction: Brachioplasty is a procedure for removing loose skin and excess fat in the upper areas of the arm. It helps to reshape the underside of sagging arms.
  • Gynaecomastia: A hormone imbalance can cause the male breasts to swell and become large. This surgery is a common procedure to reduce the size of large breasts.
  • Liposuction: This procedure helps to reshape specific areas of the body by removing excess fat. The surgery can help to enhance your appearance.
  • Thigh reduction: A thigh lift is a procedure that improves the contour of the legs by removing excess skin and fat, and tightening the skin.
  • Labioplasty: This procedure involves reducing the size of the labia minora. Reasons for the surgery can range from aesthetic to functional purposes.

For any type of body surgery, it is important to first discuss the procedure with a surgeon. We provide complete information to help you make an informed decision.

Non-surgical procedures we offer include:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Dermal fillers
  • IPL permanent hair reduction
  • Medical skin needling
  • Skincare
  • Chemical peels
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • IPL photorejuvenation
  • Mineral makeup
  • Visia skin analysis

Request a Consultation

Rodin Clinic offers a full range of cosmetic procedures that are tailored for each patient. We take the time to answer your questions and provide complete details about the procedure. You can expect extensive care before, during, and after the treatment is performed.

The consultation is your chance to speak with our surgeon in person. Call us today on 08 9389 9522 to schedule a consultation at our clinic. You can also make a booking online and we will respond shortly.

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